Quelques photos du France 1

Some views of France 1


 1- With permission of Bernard Stephan, from his site, many thanks to him

     Avec la permission de Bernard Stephan, je le remercie sincérement




Ci dessous La salle radio du France 1

See below: France 1 Radio Room

This photo has been taken by Rémi Kaupp

 Cette photo a été prise par Rémi Kaupp




 Bad weather

from site (below) where there are other interesting photos

depuis le site dont l'adresse est ci dessous et où vous trouverez d'autres photos intéressantes.


 Hope you're not seasick hi....

J'espère que vous n'avez pas le mal de mer! hi

Below  the commentary by the author (the french version is on the site)

Voici le commentaire accompagnant ce texte, vous le trouvererez en français sur le site, ci dessous la traduction anglaise que je vous propose:

I’m talking about february/march 1967 relief of these frigates at point K between France 1 (who had completed her mission) and France 2 where I’d signed on for a 43 days mission. It was at the following relief that we got very bad weather. On this photo (and the following, look at them on the quoted  site), the ship was rolling and pitching, although the sea was quite calm. Swell was estimated between 3 and 3.5 meters. But ballast on keels of both frigates were made of ‘’impoverished uranium’’, therefore both ships were like a Champaign cork on the sea surface!


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