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qsl mgr F5YD

Don't worry I'll be back in due time to give you all infos about 2017 activities (I'm looking forward to receiving these infos fm  my friend F5YD). Fyg these activities will take place in june as usual.

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And of course a team  F5YD (mgr) F6CVK F6FFS F6EEL F6AXV F6FSF F6GIN was on board France 1 alongside in la Rochelle to activate the call TM1EJ during Ship Museum Event 2016. Many thanks also to F5LPR and to F5MIU, they weren't present on board but their help for technical preparation has been greatly appreciated by all of us.


This photo showing the radio room in activity years ago is presently on the station's wall.

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Team TM1EJ: For 2012 F5YD (qsl mgr)......... F6CVK, F6EEL, F6FFS, F6AXV, F6GIN

 Welcome on this site. Our aim is to give you some information about ham activity on board ex meteorological frigate ''France1/FNEJ now ship museum alongside in la Rochelle/France. A french radioamateur team has activated a special call TM1EJ during ''Ship Museum Event'' on 2nd and 3rd of June 2012. This was the fourth time that this team led by Gerard/F5YD (ex FFL) has been on board ''France1'' since 2009, thanks to the friendly hospitality of Museum staff. See their site (Sorry, it's in French):,france_i,122

With Gérard/F5YD the team includes an ex Captain of Delmas Cy who was the Owner of France 1, 1 ex Chief Radio Officer of France 1, several ex rdos either from French navy, merchant navy and coast stations. But our group is also open to everybody no matter if they are or not ex sailors. We like to share our passion for radio and for marine activities.

  Why do we call ''France1'' a meteorological frigate? Because the first french frigates were navy ships.

(see opposite, for pins collectors, a pin on which it reads ''Fregates Meteo'' i.e. Weather Frigates, sent by F5LPR, sri not for sale...hi)

The first one was ‘’Laplace’’ (Ex USS Lorrain) in 1947. Unfortunately she exploded in 1950 hit by a magnetic mine at anchor off St Malo, mine placed in this area during WW2. 51 persons were lost. Three other frigates from French navy were also used as weather ships until around 1958 when the mission was handed over by French government to Delmas Vieljeux Cy. Two twin ships were built ‘’France 1 and ‘’France2’’ and manned by civilian crew. On the previous ships there were only a few civilian such as radio op’s or weather technicians. However, despite the fact that these 2 new ships were far from looking like navy vessels, the term ‘’Frigate’’ was kept.

 The mission of these vessels either from French Navy or from Merchant Navy as France 1 was to carry out meteorological observations and participate to air traffic controlling over Atlantic Ocean from specific positions in East Atlantic (point J, point K, point R etc.). The radio traffic was absolutely essential for these missions when there was no satellite then. That could be the main reason why we are so happy to restore to life the France1 radio station for a few days taking advantage of Museum Ship Event sponsored by NJ2BB.

After  all, one could think this ham activity o/b ‘’France 1’’ is as ordinary as many others taking place every week end. That’s true, even if some of them have no real relationship with radio itself. However, on second thought, it appears very important to note as Denis/F5LPR wrote in a mail: quote ''that a weather frigate had no possibility to exist without communications in real time, i.e. Radio communications, which is not the case for  other types of ships (trawlers, cargoships, passenger ships, war ships, research ships, hydrographic ships etc. etc.) who had been existing for centuries, long time before arrival of radio communications on board vessels.'' Unquote

Because, there was no interest at all to observe a meteorological phenomenon changing all the time without the possibility to transmit immediately this observation.

Therefore by activating meteorological frigate ‘’France 1’’ we are celebrating not only Museum Ships but also and may be mainly  Radio communications of 20th century.


We have been very  pleased to contact many ham stations all over the world, and many museum ships from the list of nj2bb.

 To get more info about weather vessels, and discover nice photos (including some of France1) advise you visit Jan Ferhout's site (ex Radio Officer of Dutch weather ship ‘’Colombus’’ Jan is also ex PCH/Scheveningen  Radio.)

See below the participation certificate sent by the sponsor NJ2BB to F5YD (QSL mgr)

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